Best Smart Watches 2019

You don’t need to use smart phones. As all the smartphone’s features comes in these smart watches. These smart watches are light weight and have good battery timing. Smart became more popular with the advancement of new technologies. If you are tired off handling heavy cellphones then it’s a great choice to wear the smart watch. It’s a good news for all the users who want to wear smart watches, they have a huge variety of these watches. They can buy any of them according to their budget. Some of them are expensive and some are not. Right Now, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the best smart watch in the market. Let’s have a look at the best smart watches.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
  • Mobvoi TicWatch E2
  • Skagen Falster 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Garmin Forerunner 245 Music
  • Fitbit Versa
  • Fossil Sport
  • Withings Move

Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you want everything about the Samsung Galaxy Watch then it is a great choice. Sometimes you don’t like to pick up the heavy mobiles. So, here is the best option who use Samsung mobiles and want a watch having the same feature as the mobiles have. It’s the best smartwatch and have a perfect design. Its features include heart rate monitoring, GPS and much more. Some of its pros and cons are:
Samsung Galaxy Watch has a unique design.
It consists of a lovely AMOLED display. 
The rotating bezel is very useful.
It has good battery timing. You just have to charge its battery once in a day.
The size of this smart watch is large. Many people do not like such large watches.
It is very expensive and costs $279.

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

There is a smart watch for very type of user who love to wear smart watches. There are many types of watches available in the market. But if you are looking for the best waterproof watch then Garmin Forerunner 245 Music. It’s a perfect watch for those people who runs bikes. This smart watch has good battery timing. Its features include maximum estimation, recovery advisor and much more. The advantage and disadvantages of Garmin Forerunner 245 Music are given below:Pros
It has unbelievable battery timing. You don’t have to charge this smart watch for almost 7 days.
It is the best smart watch for music.
The strap of Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is really comfortable.
This smart watch is sunlight-friendly.
It consists of limited features.
People may not like the design of this smart watch.
It is very expensive and costs $350

Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you want a watch that is bigger than Samsung Watch Active then this is best watch for you to buy. Samsung gave it’s a lot of time to make the watches perfect. It gives you a lot of tracking features including monitoring of your heart rate, it gives you GPS and many more such features. It provides you large battery time. The design of this watch is really amazing.
Pros of Samsung Galaxy Watch are:
This watch have a very nice design.
It provides you an excellent battery life.
It have very beautiful display which makes it attractive.
Cons of Samsung Galaxy Watch are:
It is very expensive to buy.
It is very large.

Garmin Forerunner

It is one of the best watch for those who runs or swims. We cannot say that it is the best watch but it is very suitable for those who love to listen music while exercising and can listen music on Spotify. It have very good battery time with enabled GPS tracker. It have amazing features of 24/7 heart rate monitoring, tracking and many other amazing features.
Pros of Germen Forerunner are:
It gives you guidance for workout and training.
It gives you incredible music streaming.
It provides you a long battery life.
It have the comfortable strap to wear.
It have a sunlight friendly display.
Pros of Germen Forerunner are:
It gives very less features of a smart watch.
It have very basic design.

Fitbit Versa

It took much time of Fitbit to be acknowledged as a watch which is more than a fitness watch. It is an attractive and colorful watch. It gives you a lot of smartwatch features. It provides battery life of a full week. It perfectly interacts with the Android mobile so that you can interact with your mobile every time.
Pros of Fitbit Versa are:
It have really attractive design. Because it is colorful.
It have amazing battery life lets you to stay connected for more time.
It gives you great smart watch features.
Available in lot of different colors.
Cons of Fitbit Versa are:
It cannot be considered as the watch.
It gives you very limited app selection.
It proves expensive because you have to pay extra for Fitbit pay.

Fossil Support

It is considered as the best looking sport watch. It provides you with good battery life. It have the features which should be in a smart watch. It is a great addition to the smart watches.
Pros of fossil support are:
It is available in lot of colors.
It is highly affordable.
It has really attractive designs.
Cons of fossil support are:
It have the limited battery life.